Urban Legends: Southaven Park

This is not your typical urban legend dating back generations with subtle variations.  It is also atypical in that it is not about the spirit or ghost of someone who was “done wrong”.  This is a UFO story, and it took place November 24, 1992.

Southaven Park is a county park located in Shirley, NY (and less than 10 minutes from my house).  It borders Sunrise Highway, a main drag running East/West and William Floyd Parkway, one of the few roads in the county that runs from North shore to South shore.  It is also important to mention that this park is a five minute ride from the federally funded Brookhaven National Laboratory.

On the day in question, people living near the park and people travelling on Sunrise Highway reported seeing a “tubular object” falling from the sky, which disappeared into the woods in Southaven Park (among these eyewitnesses was the father of a friend of mine).  Within minutes helicopters were circling the park and scientists from the lab were on the scene.  Police and firemen were turned away by military personnel.  William Floyd Parkway and the Sunrise Highway service road were blocked for hours, and the park and surrounding area were closed for weeks, heavily guarded by park and county police.  When asked why the park was closed, the police responded that it was duck hunting season.

During the incident and the weeks that followed, nearby residents reported power surges, electronic interference, drained car batteries, and telephones ringing when no one was on the line.  Aerial photos also showed a large area where the trees were flattened, but residents also reported hearing the sounds of heavy machinery from the park, during this time.

A UFO?  Some experiment from the laboratory, gone wrong?  Town and police records do not indicate ANY type of occurence that day.


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