I Will Post Every Week for 2011!

I have decided to take on the WordPress challenge to post every week for 2011.  It won’t be easy (or maybe it will), but I will give it my all.  Finding topics will probably be the most difficult part for me.

I could definately use some support, encouragement and inspiration in this, and that’s where you come in.  Please comment, like and/or subscribe as you see fit.  Do you disagree with me?  Please tell me!  I’d love to hear your point of view.  I live for diversity!  My only request is that you be respectful.  Name calling and the like, does not sit well with me.  We’re all adults and I expect us to act as such.

I’m still learning my way around WordPress, so please be patient with me.  I don’t know where to find everything and I get lost from time to time, but what better way to learn my way around then by just being here? 

I’m looking forward to what this challenge will bring!  HAPPY 2011!!!