My Bucket List

Things I’d like to do before I kick the bucket (in no particular order).

I’d like to see the world.  I really mean that… THE WORLD.  I can’t think of any place I don’t want to go.  At the top of my list is Europe, Egypt, Russia, Israel, India, China, Japan, Australia and of course all 50 of our beautiful states.

I’d like to see my boys grow up and have families of their own.  To hold my grandchildren and spoil them rotten.  My mother-in-law always says “I only had children so I could have grandchildren.”  She gets all the fun of the kids and can send them home to us.  The best of both worlds!

I want to see a real, live Komodo Dragon… from afar.  I don’t want to get too close to those bad boys, but I just love them!  The way they walk reminds me of a bulldog and I giggle every time.  Along those same lines, I also want to jump on a gator.  On ‘Dirty Jobs’ they went to this place that teaches you how to do it.  You start with a little guy and work your way up to a 6 or 7 footer.  That would be awesome!

I want to learn another language.  I’m not sure which though.  Narrowing it down would be the hardest part for me.  Japanese, Russian and German are just a few I’m interested in.  I’ve thought about buying RosettaStone or even Muzzy.

And lastly, for once in my life, I’d like to finish something.  It doesn’t even matter what it is.  I have a bad habit of starting things and never finishing them.  Like the blanket I was crocheting when I was pregnant with my first son, the cross-stitch pattern I’m halfway through with, and the glass painting I’m too chicken to even try.  I’d just like to see one thing through to completion.

What’s on your bucket list?